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It might be about numbers, but it’s also about people

At Winningham Becker & Company, LLP, our goal is to help clients feel secure financially. While our services are comparable to other top-notch large local accounting firms, we are ever mindful of the people they are intended to help.

Our team approach to helping clients has served us well, allowing a mixture of ideas and effort to come together to solve client needs. Our people also work to educate themselves about the industries we serve, keeping abreast of issues that could have bearing on client-related activities.

We provide expert services in tax planning, tax compliance, business management, estates and trusts and financial planning and are proud to have specialties in industries as dynamic and diverse as professional services, entertainment, professional sports, real estate and manufacturing.

But we don’t know everything. That’s where the personal relationships we forge outside the firm come into play.
We call on the knowledge of legal, insurance, real estate, lending, and investment experts to add more value to our services and to ensure your needs are fully met.

And it goes without saying the work we provide for you is performed efficiently, confidentially and cost effectively.


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